Information Services

Deciding on overseas investments, protective security and duty-of-care arrangements is dependent on timely, accurate and professionally evaluated information on where and how people, assets and property may be at risk. A2 Global Risk’s specialist research staff and global network of correspondents provide a range of bespoke and subscription based Political Risk Analysis, Market Evaluation and Security Threat Assessment products.

A2 Global Risk’s Hong Kong, London and U.S.-based Risk Analysis teams consist of subject specialists responsible for monitoring and assessing political activity throughout the world. Our Information Services provide independent and incisive analysis to complement Client organisations’ own reporting procedures.

Bespoke Information Services

Our Information Services can be tailored to the individual requirements of a client. A2 Global Risk’s bespoke services comprise detailed assessments of each client’s unique profile and identify the specific threats posed by their business environment. Utilising our global network of correspondents, A2 Global Risk’s bespoke services provide clients unrivalled access to decision-critical information from within and beyond the public domain.

Bespoke services can provide:

  • Tailored country risk assessments
  • Industry-specific risk assessments
  • Market evaluation and market entry reports (state / country / region level)
  • ‘Horizon Scanning’ alerts
  • Local area risk assessments (town / district / neighbourhood level)
  • Assessments on specific threat groups / organisations
  • Travel security reports
  • Executive briefings

A2 Global Information Service

Never before has it been more critical for businesses to secure the fastest, most objective intelligence on unfolding operational risks. A2 Global is an online and mobile-based subscription information service providing worldwide political and security analysis, as well as a customisable security alert capability.

Our network of risk specialists based in Hong Kong and London conducts round-the-clock monitoring of political and security conditions in 198 countries and territories. Our team is drawn from the military, academia, journalism and business sectors, and provide a four-dimensional perspective on emergent threats and approaches to mitigation.

A2 Global captures and assesses travel, security, reputational and political risks worldwide and generates independent, forward-looking, business-focused assessments that enable users to make timely and informed decisions, ensuring the smooth running of their operations.

“Our aim is to help manage the space between formulating a plan or a journey and its satisfactory resolution. This means providing context, actionable information and advice to our clients in order to help them operate in often complex and unfamiliar business environments.” Bradley Allan, Managing Director, A2 Global Risk.

The A2 Global platform enables clients to select the countries, regions, sectors or groups of greatest concern, while the A2 Global Alert capability keeps our clients informed of threatening or disruptive events that can impact their interests, assets and personnel.

A2 Global delivers real-time alerts directly to iOS and Android mobile devices, coupled with actionable forecasts and advisory reports; regularly updated city and country risk analysis; the latest in geocoded risk cartography; and a sophisticated inter-disciplinary methodology that ensures events are logged and categorised so that robust empirical and comparative conclusions can be drawn.


The A2 Global Risk (A2GR) service assesses the operational risks present in 198 countries and territories, providing users with actionable insight into the personalities, institutions and social dynamics that will determine the success of their overseas investments.

A2GR considers the political, business and security environments in each territory and identifies threats and opportunities. In addition to country risk assessments, A2GR users benefit from regular trend reporting. This identifies key developments, analyses disruptive events, and offers case studies to explore the wider operating environment.

A2GR offers its users essential local insight, enabling them to operate confidently in unfamiliar and potentially hostile environments. Precise, readable briefs are combined with an intuitive global mapping system to deliver insights before they become news. A2GR enables subscribers to plan for the future in their operating environment, rather than reacting to the aftermath of unforeseen events.

Intuitive, insightful risk cartography

Risk cartography

Geospatial analysis is central to our work. Our risk indices are colour-coded on to the A2 Interactive Global Map, and Alerts are tagged to it. This forms the basis for topical maps, which illustrate particular risks by geo-locating security patterns against physical assets. These visualisations yield insights into how terrorism, politics, environmental hazards and demographic shifts are influencing the security of personnel and investments.

Risk Indices

A2 Global generates our A2 Interactive Global Map and country metrics from a system of ordinal risk indices. We use a checklist-based approach to ensure that international and inter-city comparisons are quantifiable, consistent and culturally unbiased. The distance between a city’s centre and its airport; the incumbency of a political executive; the number of prosecutions under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act related to business activity in a country, are just three examples of several hundred datasets we use to make comparisons.

We measure country risks against observable, testable, open-source intelligence. When a dataset requires a qualitative appraisal, these are contributed by A2’s internal specialists but also by A2 Global Risk’s security consultants and our wider international network of associates and contributors, via proprietary questionnaires. Their responses are consolidated into risk-weighted indices that pool individual knowledge into robust, collegiate assessments.

The A2 app is available on iOS and Android

Early warning

We divide our analytical horizons into urgent risks, which require immediate action, and strategic risks, which feed into strategic planning in the five-year outlook. Urgent risks to personnel and assets are notified via app-delivered Alerts, selectable by region, country or city, to maximise clients’ response time. The A2 Global app is available for subscribers via Apple Store and Google Play. In addition, we dispatch daily Executive Intelligence Briefs to clients which provide an overview of security-related developments worldwide, with an emphasis on those that suggest a shift in trends.

A2 Global’s approach is to be forward-looking, geographically specific, and to forecast future events rather than offering a retrospective account.

Country reporting

A2 Global maintains online close to 300 advisory reports with a focus on countries and cities. These up-to-date assessments are valuable for personnel operating in those areas, but they also offer strategic appraisals of the factors impacting market-entry decisions, staff relocation and ground-level risks. They include commercial geography, policy environment, cultural and non-tariff barriers to trade, geospatial considerations and infrastructure quality. The reports consolidate our daily and weekly reporting into a single accessible source.

In depth global assessments featuring regular industry case studies

Strategic forecasting

A2 Global publishes regular sub-regional reports that assess risks on a strategic timescale. With an emphasis on clarity and concision, they explain trends of relevance to businesses in-country.

Our team works to understand how security risks manifest themselves at the intersection of environmental, sociological and economic trends that are often missed by conventional reporting. Their work includes political succession planning, flow charts to describe public-sector tender processes, influence maps of political regimes, multi-language media monitoring, military-level intelligence and a tactical understanding of market-entry factors.


A2 Global Traveller is a travel security risk service dedicated to ensuring that overseas travellers and their employers have the most up-to-date, realistic and appropriate country knowledge, regardless of where their work takes them. A2GT enables subscribers to identify and address location-specific security concerns during the planning phase of any overseas travel.

Interactive street level mapping worldwide

A2GT provides travel-specific security threat assessments for 198 countries and territories, as well as more than 80 cities worldwide. From identifying unlicensed taxis in Ghana’s capital Accra to avoiding protest routes in Bangkok, A2GT provides users with the same detailed, on-the-ground knowledge that is harvested by A2 Global Risk’s staff and global network through their decades of working and travelling in volatile parts of the world.

A2GT includes real-time monitoring of political, industrial, security and natural disaster events. Every A2GT user is able to select the regions, countries or cities of interest to them, and receive live safety and security alerts direct to their Android or iOS mobile device.

By mitigating disruptions, A2GT helps our users’ operations run smoothly and reduce unforeseen costs associated with overseas travel. A2GT helps keep staff safe and informed, allowing organisations to meet their duty-of-care obligations and enabling travellers to focus on their reason for travel, not the travel itself.


A2 Regional combines the most powerful insights of the A2 Global Risk and A2 Global Traveller platforms to benefit organisations with a regional geographic focus. A2 Regional considers the political, business and security environments in every major territory, providing users with unrivalled insight into the actors, institutions and social dynamics that will determine the success of their regional operations.

A2R includes travel-specific security threat assessments covering every major territory. It delivers reporting at national and city levels, enabling subscribers to identify and address location-specific security concerns during the planning phase of market entry and overseas travel. The service provides users with the detailed, on-the-ground knowledge gleaned by A2 Global Risk’s staff and their global network of sources.

A2R is available for the following geographic areas: