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Deciding on overseas investments, protective security and duty-of-care arrangements is dependent on timely, accurate and professionally evaluated information on where and how people, assets and property may be at risk. A2 Global Risk’s specialist research staff and global network of correspondents provide a range of bespoke and subscription based Political Risk Analysis, Market Evaluation and Security Threat Assessment products.

A2 Global Risk’s Hong Kong, London and U.S.-based Risk Analysis teams consist of subject specialists responsible for monitoring and assessing political activity throughout the world. Our Information Services provide independent and incisive analysis to complement Client organisations’ own reporting procedures.

  • Bespoke Information Services
  • A2 Global 360
  • Risk Cartography
  • Risk Indices
  • Country Reporting
  • Strategic Forecasting

For any queries regarding A2 Global Risk’s Information Services, please contact us for more information.

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