crisis management

Crises can occur at any time in any location, but businesses are most vulnerable when exposed to unfamiliar or volatile circumstances, often with seemingly unquantifiable consequences. Effective crisis management requires a rapid, considered response in order to retain or regain control of the situation, avoid escalation and manage media interest.

A security crisis invariably poses unfamiliar problems for management and is often outside the experience of senior personnel or corporations. Crises are time consuming, disruptive and potentially lethal. A company that has not planned and trained in advance for a range of contingencies can waste valuable time assembling an ad hoc management team to deal with the emergency. Worse still, it may be forced into an ill-considered response with potentially disastrous commercial and legal consequences.

A2 Global Risk’s Crisis Management Response Consultants have advised individual and corporate clients on over 500 live cases worldwide involving criminal and terrorist groups. This experience was gained on cases including kidnap for ransom, piracy, bomb and death threats, product extortion and contamination, and emergency evacuations from highly volatile situations. A2 Global Risk has Response Consultants based in Europe, Asia and North America who are ready to deploy at short notice to anywhere in the world.

Crisis management prevention

Prior planning and training are invaluable in containing disruption during a crisis. In order to prepare an organisation to meet and control such an event, and minimise any resultant disruption, A2 Global Risk provides:

  • Crisis Management Plans
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans
  • Crisis Management Seminars
  • Simulated Incident Training (Desk Top, Semi-Live and Live exercises)
  • Hostage Survival Seminars

Crisis management response

A2 Global Risk can provide real-time assistance worldwide to Clients facing the following crises:

  • Product Extortion and Contamination
  • Kidnap
  • Detention and Political Hostage Taking
  • Emergency Evacuations
  • Hijack
  • Bomb and Death Threats
  • Labour Disputes