The threats from terrorism, corruption, political violence and criminal activity are everyday realities in many parts of the world. Unresolved political issues and volatile social dynamics will ensure these trends continue to intensify. 

Robust security practices and procedures within such environments are essential for protecting assets and personnel, but they must be cost effective and not unduly disruptive to business and social life. Balancing these needs is best achieved through advice from experienced professionals.


  • Keeping you informed about the risks you face in country
  • Formulating and implementing protective security and safety measures of facilities and staff
  • Designing, specifying, tendering and project-managing the installation of technical and physical security systems
  • Providing comprehensive training services to staff and management
  • Coordinating a planned response in emergency situations
  • Developing and implementing overall security management
  • Offering a comprehensive range of commercial investigations
  • Conducting and facilitating due diligence processes of local staff and partners
  • Offering an unrivalled regional expertise in Asia and the Pacific region

Business intelligence and risk management

A2 Global Risk provides a wide range of business intelligence and risk management services, including information services, security consulting, investigations, and crisis management.

Our information services are delivered through the A2 Global Information Service, as well as through bespoke reports looking at country- or industry-specific risks. Visit Information Services for more information.

A2 Global Risk provides security consulting through multiple services, including close-protection of high-profile individuals, review and design of logistics and transportation security, security training and more. Visit Security Consulting for further information.

At times, businesses and their staff will be exposed to a crisis situation due to an armed conflict, political and civil unrest, political or social campaigns, or natural hazard. A2 Global Risk’s team of experts and consultants have long and wide-ranging experience of helping organisations avoid such events through training and advice. When emergency situations do occur, A2 Global Risk can assist with crisis management responses, particularly in relation to hijackings and hostage-takings, emergency evacuations, or labour disputes. For more information, visit Crisis Management.

For any queries regarding A2 Global Risk’s services, please contact us for more information.

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