Europe & Russia

  • Trend Assessment: How big businesses are targeted by traffickers

    February 3, 2017

    The discovery of EUR50 million worth of cocaine in a Coca-Cola factory is symptomatic of a wider trend of major trafficking operations in the E.U.

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  • CROATIA: ‘Chocolategate’ threatens fragile relations with neighbours

    January 25, 2017

    Just before Christmas, the Croatian embassy in Slovenia sent employees of the Slovenian foreign ministry chocolate boxes to celebrate the upcoming holiday. However, the foreign ministry quickly returned the gifts in a bag with the words ‘I Feel Slovenia’, complaining that a map on the top of the boxes showed Piran Bay as being part of Croatia. The bay is the subject of a territorial dispute between the countries, both former Yugoslav republics, and has been an issue since 1991. Croatia withdrew from international arbitration on the issue in 2015, after a leaked tape revealed that a Slovenian judge on the tribunal had discussed how to influence the outcome with an employee of the Slovenian foreign ministry.

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