• Foreign business concerned by China’s new cyber-security regime

    October 12, 2017

    The partial implementation of China’s new cyber-security law has alarmed foreign businesses, already increasingly concerned over the state’s high level of control over the internet. This report assesses the new regulations and their implications for foreign commercial interests.

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  • Implications of the Battle for Marawi

    September 29, 2017

    The four-month-long and still continuing battle for Marawi City, capital of the southern Philippine island of Mindanao’s Lanao del Sur province, has proven to be a major test for both the Islamist insurgents who challenged the state and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) who sought to confront them.

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  • India: As easy as GST

    August 29, 2017

    The most important tax change in India’s history is rippling through the country’s commercial eco-system. The introduction of a Goods & Services Tax (GST) will almost certainly be positive for companies operating in India in the long term, but teething problems are inevitable.

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  • North Korea – The real threat to East Asian commerce

    August 25, 2017

    North Korea’s decision to test-fire missiles that could potentially reach the U.S. mainland has far-reaching consequences. For businesses operating in East Asia, the greatest risks emanate not from a nuclear war, which is highly unlikely, but from the conflicting responses of China, the U.S., South Korea and Japan to the North’s antics. China has proven itself willing to penalise foreign companies in order to deter any U.S.-led military expansion in the area, but this tactic risks economic retaliation from a U.S. administration that is volubly dissatisfied with China’s trade policies.

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  • The struggle for the South China Sea points towards Beijing’s wider ambitions

    July 31, 2017

    The first anniversary of the International Court of Justice’s (ICJ) Permanent Court of Arbitration ruling that upheld the Philippines’ territorial claims to disputed sections of the South China Sea over Beijing’s assertion of sovereignty passed on 12 July without incident, or any indication Beijing had any intention of abiding by the court’s finding.

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