Our team of analysts provides up-to-date analysis of major security-related and political events, outlining how they impact operations and the security their staff and physical assets. Our talented team of multilingual country-risk analysts have expert knowledge of country-specific risks and conduct in-depth research and analysis through the collation of open-source intelligence and on-the-ground fieldwork.

A2 Global Risk offers analysis on daily, weekly, and monthly bases as well as bespoke country- and industry-specific reports. We provide analysis of current events on a rolling basis and ad hoc research projects through situation reports, intelligence summaries, trend assessments, or case studies. All our reports are accompanied by explanations on how events impact businesses and their personnel.

Our analysts study, assess and forecast the impact of political or security-related events on businesses and their staff, while providing recommendations on specific actions to take or behaviours to adopt to mitigate the impact of such events. Our approach is to be forward-looking rather than to offer a retrospective account of events. Our methodology for assessing risks is based on a proprietary typology of risks, open source intelligence research, and strong on-the-ground networks.

Our work is often quoted in the media, and our experts have provided commentary to well-known media outlets such as the likes of Al Jazeera, CNN, Forbes, Financial Times, The Diplomat, and the South China Morning Post.

‘It is wiser to find out than to suppose’ – Mark Twain

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